“Julia, you are so right about how food can taste salty that I'm eating this way. I've been eating deli meat for lunch, I've noticed that it hasn't tasted as good to me lately and I just realized today that it's so salty. I guess my taste buds are changing already! Thank you!”

- Jessica, Wellness & Personal Chef Client

"Julia's heart and mind are fully engaged in meeting our family's diverse food choices. We are a family of five people including a pasta lover, a calorie counter, a vegetarian and a chicken fan. Somehow, Julia is able to provide four dinners a week that fully satisfy everyone's taste buds.  And at the same time, Julia has met my need as a mother to provide foods that are nutritious and therefore promote energy and weight maintenance."

- Sunny, GA Personal Chef Services Client -

"The food is great again this week. I love the citrus vinaigrette dressing and I especially  love the three bean salad, steak and the brussel sprouts. Just wanted to tell you thank you. Enjoying it all!!

- Amanda, GA Weekly Meal Prep Client -

"We are in heaven!  I feel like we have nuggets of gold every time I open the refrigerator.  We devoured the chicken, okra and beans (as well as snacked on a few fritters.). Last night, I ate ALL of the eggplant by myself; I just couldn't stop.  It was like candy. Today, I had the arugula beet salad and warmed up the carrots for a late afternoon snack.  Can't wait to see what's next for dinner!"

Elizabeth, GA Personal Chef Services Client -